[NEW WIDGET]: Shine bright like a star with Announcement bar

Hold onto your hats because we’re beyond thrilled to introduce our brand-new Announcement Bar widget! :rocket:

Get ready to catch all the buzz with important announcements, epic deals, and the freshest news, all thanks to this great app!

Announcement Bar: What is it?

The Elfsight Announcement Bar is your go-to tool for getting your website visitors’ attention. With this app you can easily create eye-catching announcements, notifications, and alerts at the top or bottom of your website. Your messages will be impossible to miss!

The list of key features

  • maximum attention to your info

  • visible, yet non-intrusive messages

  • easy way to inform the customers about new products and updates

  • clickable action buttons

  • 19 ready-to-use templates

  • hassle-free design customization

  • and so much more!

We’re excited about this widget—do you have ideas on how to use it on your website already? :wink:

Bravo a tous pour ce nouveau et tenant widget


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