🔥 New Features: Job Board, Photo Gallery, and Team Showcase

Time for a Friday update!

I guess you’re going to love it, as our amazing Development Team have released a whole host of long-awaited requests for Job Board, Photo Gallery, and Team Showcase widgets. :slight_smile:

Let’s get started!

Job Board

  • an option to change the button text

Yes, now you don’t have to put up with the ‘Apply Now’ text, so feel free to change it the way you like.

You can do it on your widget Settings tab:

job board - button text

  • an option to Hide jobs

In case you don’t need a particular vacancy at the moment, you have an option to just hide it so that it is not listed in your widget.

This option is on Jobs tab:

Photo Gallery

  • Right Click protection

Protect your images from being stolen by enabling Image Copy Protection option on the widget’s Settings tab:


  • Image Alt Text

Add Alt text to your images to improve SEO performance:

Team Showcase

  • an option to add additional images in the biography

Upload as many photos as you need — they will be displayed as a nice carousel:


We really hope you love the changes, and they will make your widgets even more powerful :slightly_smiling_face:

Please share your feedback – does everything work fine on your end, and what do you think about these improvements?


Love the additional images for the teams. Thanks!

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@Lesan, we’re thrilled that you love it! :heart_eyes:

Hello @Helga, hello everyone,

I was looking forward to this feature. Thanks to the Elfsight team for creating it. I can finally modify the text of my buttons.

Thank you so much :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Good Sunday.

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Dear @romano97002, thank you so much for your kind words!! I’ll definitely pass your feedback on to our devs, they will be delighted to know it :hugs:

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Thank you for adding the ALT tag for images in the Photo Gallery widget.

I was searching Google Cache (text only) on pages on my site that indexed but it just ignores the text in the Photo Gallery widget all together. I don’t think ALT tags are going to help at all. Is there a way to get Google to crawl the widget so keywords in the gallery get indexed?

here is the page in question

Thank you

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@David12 Hi David, and welcome to the forum! :hugs:

The reason for the issue in your case could be the Text only mode itself: since the gallery is quite big, the widget script doesn’t seem to have been loaded there, hence the widget didn’t appear at all.

Our developers have checked things, and the Alt tags worked correctly and as expected. We tried to break the image link in the gallery, and the text displayed just fine:

Thank you for the reply but if Google can’t see it then it doesn’t really help with SEO, ALT text is just for the user.

At this point I am going to assume that all the Photo Gallery widgets are just for humans and contribute nothing to SEO. If I am wrong and there is a way for Google to index the widget and cache it with the rest of the page that would be great. I would love to find a solution.


@David12 David, my apologies for the long wait!

We’ve been investigating this case, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any news :raised_hands:t2:

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Hello @David12 :wave:

This is Max stepping in for Helga!

Our devs checked your website and found out that it’s only partially indexed (just a couple of pages without our widget were indexed). This is the reason for the issue.

To check if Alt tags work correctly, you should wait for the indexation of the pages with the widget.

I hope this explains things.

Could you please get back to me and let me know if everything worked fine after the indexation?

It looks like this page was not indexed properly before. Now it seems to be indexed.

I verified the page was indexed using Google.

Then I typed in the following search in google.
site: MoLo Solutions - Environmental Graphics “Cut Vinyl Lettering on Glass”

This made sure to search that page with text I know I would find only within the Elfsight Gallery.

Thank you for the help!


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Here is where I added the text in the Elfsight Gallery.

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Hi @David12, thanks a lot for the update and for the screenshots, I’m really happy that the widget works as expected :slight_smile:

I’m sure this thread will be useful for many other users, so thanks a lot for sharing!

My pleasure. Thanks for the help on your end too.

Thats how I learn too so I am happy to finish out the thread with the results.