Need To Add Custom Filters

Hi , I just want to chime in again that with the new release of the calendar and the ability to add a calendar to a page with custom filters, this is the next logical step in that direction. For us, it’s honestly the only missing feature that exists. We have 8 different offices that host a variety of “topic areas” and it would be great to either

A. Filter by Tag (we can’t do this , correct?)
B. Create a custom filter (we can now create specific calendars based on filters, so this would create exponential functionality).

Also, I know it’s not always possible in app development to have solid timelines due to the nature of how projects flow, but knowing if it’s actually on the roadmap or just a “nice piece of conversation” is important. This ticket was created more than 4 years ago, so from a customer perspective, it seems like it’s not in development at all, so hearing it is a “consideration” and not in development makes me think it is not going to happen (or could be another 4 years).

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Hi @Matthew7 :wave:

I completely understand your concerns about the timeline for this feature, and we genuinely apologize for the delay in delivering it :pensive:

I’ve talked to the devs and they’ve confirmed that we have plans for the task, but it requires some technical adjustments that we’re currently working on. That’s why it’s hard to share any ETA at the moment.

We promise to keep a close eye on its progress and promptly update you here. Hopefully, we’ll be able to release this feature sooner than later.

Thanks a million for understanding and such a valuable feedback! It’s highly appreciated, as it helps us set priorities and move in the right direction :hearts:

Hello, it’d be great if we could:

  • set the duration of every single event
  • add a filter visible in the calendar to filter events by their duration
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Hey there @user208 :wave:

That’s a really cool idea! We’ll try to think it over in the future and I’ll make sure to update you here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and yes, welcome to the Community!

I need to be able to filter events based on very specific characteristics. I don’t have to import events anywhere. I create the events directly in your widget, but the end user must be able to filter only what interests him. Can we filter by tag? or by duration of an event (attention, not by date, but by duration)

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Yeah, tag filtering is quite a popular request and we’ll try to implement it.

As for the duration option, I agree that it would be a nice addition as well and we’ll think about it too :slightly_smiling_face:

could you give me a timeline? so that we can organize work in the company and notify users of the calendar? Is this an implementation that you can do in the next few hours, or will it take weeks?

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This request was first made in 2020, this is something that isn’t just a plop into the system. When I asked back in March they said there were plans of it but no timeline. App development has a lot of technical challenges (when you change one thing, the whole system can change), so it’s not just as easy as adding a new field.

@user208 You see, since we get a lot of requests and the process of developing new features is quite complicated, we consider features based on the number of votes they receive.

We see that the filter options would be helpful for many users, but, currently, we have even more popular requests. This is why it’s really hard to provide the ETA at the moment. I am really sorry!

I’d like to assure that we are not going to abandon this feature, and we’ll keep you abreast of any changes right in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

It is common sense to utilize tags as filters. And since only in tags can we add multiple attributes for filtering (1 host, 1 event type etc…) this is sorely needed.

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Hi @Panos_Marcoullis :wave:

Yeah, we see that many users would like to add filter events by tags and hopefully, our devs will pay attention to this in the future updates. I’ll keep you in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your input, that’s much appreciated!