Need inforormation regarding Free Plan instgram feed

Recently I created an account on "’ this website to fetch an Instagram feed

The free plan only has 200 views if it exceeds 200 views what will happen? The widget script does not work

Let me know

Thank You

Happy to see you here @Priyanka_Chikkatumba :wave:

When your views limit is over, the widget on your website will be deactivated. So the widget will not be visible to your website visitors until next reset date.

Before your views limit runs out, you will get several notification emails from Elfsight Apps, so deactivation won’t come as a surprise.

When the deactivation happens, you can either:

  • wait for your next views reset date - the views are reset every month

  • or upgrade your plan

Just in case, here’s an article that will explain the views metric in greater detail - Views: everything you need to know.