My 30 Day Review :)

I was an Adobe Dreamweaver user since it’s inception, but changed over to Adobe Muse for it’s ease and simplicity. The Templates and Widgets were a definite plus, and I won’t change regardless of the success of Wordpress, and sites like Webflow. But once Adobe decided not to support Muse any longer, the Contact Form widget developed a bug and became unusable. So, I had to look for a Form, thus Elfsight.

As I look through the 81 apps, 31 of them rely on outside programs, in the way of Feeds and Reviews. Do developers really feel it important to bring these directly into their sites, or was this a way to show more apps for the price? Chances are I’ll use 3 apps, Forms, Contact and Popups. I’ll eventually need an Event Calendar, but what I’d really like is for a resident ( to be able to sign u;p for an event directly on the site, and have it automatically appear once they click save. That would save me a huge amount of time doing it myself. So for these three apps, I’ll be paying $180 a year. I’m not a software engineer so I have no idea how hard it is to create an app, but I appreciate Elfsight’s efforts.

One thing I really like is to make changes in the portal, click Apply from any computer, and it’s automatically updated. Saves me from having to open the site in Muse, make changes, and upload to the server.

As for what Apps I’d like to see in the future, can’t think of anything right now. But I’m sure you’ll supply some good ones that will benefit me. Thanks, Mike

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Hey Mike :wave:

Your story is absolutely amazing! Thanks a million for sharing your experience with us :heart:

That’s a great honor for us that our apps became the best option for you! We’ll make every effort to keep you satisfied with our service :rocket:

Our Feeds and Reviews widgets are very popular among the customers. Especially, Instagram Feed and Google Reviews. They are bestsellers. So, we’ve created so many feeds and reviews because they are in demand, not just for numbers :grinning:

As for the Event Calendar, our app has such an option. You just need to enable button and add a link there. This will help your customers to sign up for an event.

Here are some steps how you can do this:

  1. Choose the needed event in the Content tab:

  1. Scroll down and click on Button:

  1. Enable Show button setting and add button link:

If I misunderstood you here, please elaborate on your use case so that I can advise you better

Thank you again so much for the time to share your thoughts. The feedback like yours really motivates us to work harder and become better :pray:

I hope you will enjoy our apps and wish you a great user experience!

If any questions come up, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help :wink:

Thanks for your kind words. As for the Event Calendar, and I’m sure a Form might work also. Let’s say I have a resident that’s looking for a Pinnacle game, and needs three more players. I would put an app or form with his name at the top as the leader, with 3 spaces underneath. If a resident wants to join that group, he/she would type his/her name in a space, click Apply, and that name would remain in that slot for everyone to see. As compared to, the resident emailing me to be placed in that group. I would have to open the site, manually insert that players name and upload the site to the server. I’m trying to eliminate my part. Is this what you have in your example? I hope I provided a clearer explanation.

Allow me to continue. As I engineer this is my mind, what would need to happen is the player would put his name in the slot, then click Apply. That information would have to go back to my Elf Account and make the change, which would then automatically make the change on my phone site.

I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for a long time. Take my golf site (rollingingolfclub…org). If a player wants to sign up for a certain time, he would have to email us with the info. It then needs to be put into a Word doc, published to the site where it would then need to be downloaded to see the schedule. As compared to going to the site, putting his name down a 10:15am, clicking Apply and there it stays. WOW. When you look at it this way, you can see how much time that Widget would save.

A member was talking about creating an Auction App, which has got to be harder to engineer than the problem above. But that would work great on my training site to sell books and audios (

Otherwise, I’d love to have my Events Calendar app figured out.

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Hello @Trainerw!

I understood your case! Unfortunately, our widget doesn’t have such a functionality.

I love your idea and I’m really sorry that we don’t support it now :frowning:

Could you please add it to our wishlist in Form Builder - Elfsight Community category? We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress, so you’ll be notified upon any status changes :slight_smile:

Our most used widget is definitely the forms. But the Facebook feed, insta feed and google reviews feed are also a huge benefit to our clients.

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Hey @Hugh :wave:

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! We are so happy that you have success using our widgets :heart_eyes:

Maybe you have some interesting story or experience with Elfsight? You are welcome to share it with us :wink: