Multi-Feed Podcast Player

We have many members with podcasts and I would like to feature them all in a multi-feed podcast player. Like the YouTube, where you can submit multiple sources, can we have a podcast player with multiple feed sources so they are automatically updated with the latest podcast from the feed?

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@Marissa_Loewen many thanks for sharing your suggestion, and welcome to the community! :hugs:

I love your idea of multiple podcast player feeds! I’m afraid I cannot set an ETA for this request, but we’ll try our best to think about it in the future updates :slight_smile:

A huge thank you for your help, it means a lot!

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Have a player that you can have multiple sources and upload a link or file instead of just a link to a site

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We already have a request for the multi-source Podcast Player and I’ve merged your comment with this request. We’ll keep you abreast of any changes here :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

This would really enhance the capabilities of the ElfSight podcast player. It would allow users to put together “playlists” of their favorite shows, group by topic, and (in our case) allow for “network building” between podcasts. Please look into making this a priority for your podcast player.

Thank you for your interest and help!

I see that it would be a really helpful feature. If this request gains more votes. we’ll try to speed up this process.

We’ll keep you informed about any changes here :slightly_smiling_face: