Logo Showcase Major Update: Add icons to Call to Action Button, adjust Button size + 3 more features ⚡

Happy Thursday, guys :wave:t2:

Our devs have worked really hard, and today we’d like to share a bunch of cool updates in our Logo Showcase. Here is what has been done:

Call to Action Button

:zap: Add an Icon to Call to Action Button: choose from the library or upload from your computer.

:zap: In Button Style section, you can set Button size using Horizontal and Vertical Spacing settings.

See changes

GIF 4-26-2023 3-39-53 PM


:zap: Now, Font setting gets applied to all the elements of the widget. Previously, it was applied only to Caption.

You can find Font setting on the Style tab.


:zap: Choose link type (URL, Phone, Email) and the way of link opening (Open Link in a New Tab or Open Link in the Same Tab) by clicking on the gear.

Previously, Link section had only URL field input.

Link setting is available in Logo section and Call to Action Button.

See changes

GIF 4-26-2023 4-28-11 PM


:zap: Set the width of your widget using a range slider.

See changes

GIF 4-26-2023 4-35-36 PM

Guys, feel free to share your feedback regarding these updates. We always love hearing from you :raised_hands:t2:

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