Links to call or email and not just for websites

It would be great if the link field for clickable logos could except phone and email links.

Examples: - opens up email client and starts message with the “to address” pre-populated with associated email address

tel:+14805770704 - opens up phone app with associated number pre-populated and ready to place call (i.e. From mobile device, opens up phone app. From Apple computer, it would open facetime app for phone calls)

*FYI thats my email and phone number

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Email and phone support have been implemented! :tada:

This is how you will find these options:

  1. Go to your widget’s Content tab
  2. Choose a logo
  3. Add a link in the needed format

You are welcome to check all the widget’s features in our Logo Showcase online demo! (Logo Showcase — Add Logo Carousel widget to your website [2022])

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section :blush: