Load Javascript Locally

Hello, in order to have better results in Lightouse (or similar) would be great to save all or some of the javascript files locally, in order to speedup page loading.

Pages loading speed is critical now and every millisecond we can save is a treasure.


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Thank you for submitting this idea!

I do see your point, and we’ll try to find ways to improve the page loading time. And if you come up with other thoughts, please feel free to share them here. It’s always a great help for our dev team :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your contribution!

Hello folks!

Big news is coming — lazy loading beta version for embedded widgets is here! :heart_eyes:

It doesn’t work as a built-in option yet due to a couple of unresolved matters, but you can adjust your widget manually in order to make it work :slight_smile:

To turn it on, please add the “data-elfsight-app-lazy” attribute to a

element in your installation code.

For example, here’s how the code looks like initially:

<script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-9d3beb9e-XXXX-4bd1-8ed6-c192fXXXXXX"></div>

And here’s how it should look like with the attribute added:

<script src="https://apps.elfsight.com/p/platform.js" defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-9d3beb9e-XXXX-4bd1-8ed6-c192fXXXXXX" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

Please keep in mind that it will work only for widgets which are not in the initial viewport (e.g. users have to scroll down at least for a little bit before they reach the widget).

Please do let us know if it worked on your end :slightly_smiling_face: