Linkedin widget not displaying any content

I found your Linkedin widget on Google, and it looked like a good solution for my client. However, setting up the widget and embedding it into a web page only results in a spinning icon followed after a while by the message “No posts to display. The specified resources might be empty, or there could be set filters not satisfying any post.”
The Linkedin URL that I’ve specified in the widget setup is
and the test page is
There is plenty of content on my client’s Linkedin page, so I can’t see why it’s not displaying as expected. Can you help? Many thanks.

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Hey there @user4795 :wave:

I have to say that our app supports only company pages but not the personal ones. I am really sorry!


We have such a request in our Wishlist and you can vote for this feature to keep up with the latest updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,
That’s a shame - but thanks for the quick response anyway.

@user4795 I totally understand your feelings and agree that it would be just an awesome feature!

LinkedIn Feed is a relatively new app, and our developers are diligently working on enhancing it, along with other applications.

A huge thank you for sharing your feedback with us and pointing us in this direction!