Link to Facebook Marketplace

I’d like to see a widget or a URL link to share my Facebook Marketplace listings on my blog. It seems right now that you can only access Marketplace by using Facebook. Do I have to set up a shop or something so I can get an URL?

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Hello @Kathy2! We are so glad that you’ve joined our Community! Welcome :wave: :tada:

Unfortunately, there is no option to share Facebook Marketplace listings in our widget. I am deeply sorry :pensive:

I guess this option would be really amazing. Could you please share your idea in our Wishlist in this category?

We’ll gladly consider your suggestion in one of our future updates!

Have a nice day :wink:

Hi guys! I’ve moved this request to our wishlist! Hopefully, the devs will find a way to make it happen in one of the future updates.

@Kathy2 no need to create a separate request, I’ll keep you updated in this thread in the event of any changes :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your suggestion and welcome to the community!