Latest Achievements: Inspiration Exchange

Happy Friday, Elfsighters! :star_struck:

Did you know that it’s a highly useful practise to write down your achievements to realize what a good job you’ve done? We decided to give it a try :slight_smile:

I’ve asked some of our Team Leaders to share their teams’ best achievements over the last few weeks, and here what I’ve got:

  • Service Team: implemented lazy loading option (which was appreciated by plenty of users) and mobile configurator for several widgets, so that you can modify them from any device.

  • Widget Team: fixed some crucial bugs and released new features.

  • Support Team: 95% customer happiness rating. The number speaks for itself :rocket:

  • Content Team: created 2 lovely and very informative articles: about Google Reviews and Social Feed that helped a lot of users to get the hang of these widgets.

  • Affiliate Program: more YouTube authors, web design educators and bloggers have joined the program. Their helpful tutorials and handy tips are coming soon!

  • Design Team: a new designer joined us to create even more cool stuff :v:t2:

And what makes you feel proud of yourself? :slight_smile: