JIRA Service Desk webhooks

It would be good to facilitate automation using JIRA Service desk or other similar webhooks.

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@user1131 many thanks for your suggestion!

Could you please elaborate on your use case or share what widgets you’d love to have such an option for?

It would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Helga,

This suggestion is specific to Form Builder app’s integration capabilities

JIRA Service Desk (Clickup does this too I think) can create workflows which receives events as JSON payloads. When the workflow is created, a corresponding webhook endpoint URL is generated.

Applications such as Stripe that send events to webhook endpoints can kick off workflows in JIRA such as creating tickets, alerting support teams, on-boarding processes etc…

We currently need to have a listener on the Google sheet that has an integration, extract the data and “send” it to the JIRA endpoint.

As a generic setup, it would be good to allow for a URL in the integrations and name it “webhooks”. Whoever is on the other end can expect a post that includes the form payload.

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@user1131 many thanks for all the details!

Have you tried to fulfil your use case with the help of Zapier integration which is available in our Form Builder? Just in case, this post contains more details on how to work with Zapier: Forms, Popup, Banner: Zapier integration.

Thanks Helga, let me check that out.