Issues with All-In- One Review App not updating revised or removed reviews

I’ve encountered a serious issues with the Elfsight All-in-One Review app that we use to display customer reviews on our website.

Recently, a client inadvertently left a one-star review on our Google Business page. We were able to make contact with the said client, who acknowledged the error and promptly removed the review. Consequently, our Google Business page rating has returned to a perfect five stars. However, the removed one-star review continues to appear on our website via the Elfsight app.

My query pertains to the app’s capability to update reviews dynamically. Specifically, does the Elfsight All-in-One Review app automatically refresh to reflect deletions or modifications of reviews on the original platforms, such as Google Business in our case? If so, what is the time-frame for such updates to be reflected?

I have tried implementing basic changes and republishing the widget in the hopes that this would trigger a refresh, but the erroneous review remains displayed.
Could you please guide me through the steps to accurately update the reviews displayed through your app, so it reflects the most current data?

This incorrect review has the potential to negatively impact our business reputation.

Thanks for the help in advance!!!

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Hi @Brandan_Lyons :wave:

Oh, I totally understand your frustration and I am really sorry about this inconvenient situation!

I have to say that the reason why the reviews aren’t updated straightaway is the cache. Our widget actually uses a cache system to make everything load faster and reduce the server load.

The cache time of our Reviews apps is 48 hours for Google Reviews and 72 hours for all the other sources.

I’m sorry about the long refreshment time, but unfortunately, we cannot reduce it now due to some technical restrictions. Hopefully, we will be able to overcome this hindrance in the future.

If it’s been more than 48 hours, and your review hasn’t been removed, please let me know and send over the direct link to the page with the issue.

As for now, you can exclude this review using Author Name or Keyword:


Hi Max,
its actully been over a week. I went ahead and filtered it for the time being.

the direct link to my page:

@Brandan_Lyons Oh, I am so sorry about the inconvenience!

I’ve checked the source and see that it was recently updated.

Just to make things clear, do you mean that the 1-star review was left over a week ago or removed?

Hi Max, the 1 star review was left nearly 3 weeks ago, and it was removed by the person that left it, over a week ago.

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Got it!

Our devs are checking things, I’ll keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue is fixed!

Please check your widget and let me know if it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face: