Instant Quote/Pricing Form

I am in need of a form that will show the instant price for the services we offer. The multi-step booking forms look great but I need the form to spit out a price. This can apply to any service-based business such as house cleaning like ours.

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Hi @Synthia_De_Santiago and welcome to the Community :wave:

Thank you for adding your request!

Could you please describe your use case in more detail? How do you want to display the price (just in the same field with the service, or in a separate price field? Do you want to display a fixed price or it should be recalculated when choosing additional services?

It would also be really helpful if you could share a screenshot of how you envision this form or an example of the app with similar functionalities :pray:

I’m resending this because I got a bounce back saying only 1 media per email.

I attached an example below. A multi-step form would be wonderful so that the 1st form captures the information needed to give a price, then in the 2nd step we collect contact info & allow them to see the full price. What’s important for us is letting the client see the price but also being able to capture contact info for marketing purposes.

As for displaying the price, a separate price field would be best. Perhaps it can also highlight different prices. For example, we can show a price for the service that includes all the add-ons they’ve selected, and it can show a price without them. Showing the client these two options may increase their chances of booking with us because they can opt in for the cheaper option.

The other 2 photos are of our booking form. This shows the type of questions we ask & add-ons we offer. Responses can be recorded in a drop down form or by entering a value. Our booking form is not available to client’s because we don’t want them to book on their own but here’s a link to our quote form where you can see in more detail the types of questions we ask.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are any questions.


Here’s the other screenshot I referred to in my previous email.

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Hi @Synthia_De_Santiago :wave:

Thank you so much for such a detailed description of your use case!

I got your point! We’ll try to consider your suggestion in our future updates. I’ll keep you posted here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face: