Instagram stories/highlights stories

Welcome to the Community @user9692 :wave:

I am so sorry for all the confusion caused by this situation!

I’d like to assure you that we didn’t have an intention to anyhow mislead you. We have a dedicated page for the apps for the unreleased apps, where it’s mentioned that we are just gathering feedback on this app.

I agree that this caption may not be very attention-grabbing, and we’ll try to make the info in this section as transparent as possible.

As for the Instagram Stories app, we’ll keep you informed about any progress in this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your feedback and pointing us in this direction!

“Now you’ve got a convenient way to pull out your latest Instagram Stories on your website. With our new widget, you’ll get a chance to manually select some particular stories you want to appear on your homepage.” Embed Instagram Stories on your website for free

Are you getting this out to us or not?

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Hi there and welcome to the Community :wave:

At the moment, it’s hard to give any specific timeline for this app. However, this year, we have plans to actively develop new widgets, and we’ll prioritize them based on the number of votes they receive.

We promise to keep you informed about any progress :slightly_smiling_face:

A huge thank you for pointing us in this direction!