Stories overlay widget

Similar to the concept for the pop-up widget, but a Stories overlay widget like that found on Instagram or Facebook, is much more trendy than a pop-up and can resonate better with GenZ for marketing.
Use this site for inspiration - Web Stories - Storyly

If there are more widget features that you would like to see included in this overlay. Please leave a comment with your suggestions and let’s get this new widget developed ASAP!


@SKARP what a lovely suggestion, thank you so much for sharing!

I guess such a popup could really gain more interest in view of its appealing form. I hope we’ll be able to give it a thought :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and for joining our community! Fresh ideas and suggestions are always very welcome here :slight_smile:

Thanks Helga,
It’s such a useful idea :bulb: and one that a lot of members would enjoy. I really hope that you can push the team to get this widget created. :wink:

@SKARP I’ll try my best! :slight_smile: