Instagram feed widget don't working on Shopify?


I have created an Instagram Feed Widget.
Working properly on the Elfsight platform (I can see the pictures)
Working properly on my personal website (for testing)
But not working on my e-commerce Shopify website
( I used exactly the same code on both website)

Is there a problem with Shopify ?
I have subscribed pro plan on Elfsight and a pro plan on Shopify…
I have installed a fresh new theme on Shopify…
but still not working…
Help please

Hi Frederic,

Thank you for your post!

I’m truly sorry that you have issues with our widget, and I’ll be very happy to help!

You see, our Instagram Widget is our very first project, which we’re about to close, thus stop supporting. We’ve come up to this solution since we’ve got another app - Instagram Feed, which has the same options as Instagram Widget, but is way more powerful in terms of features and layout.

Would it be an option for you to use Instagram Feed instead of the Instagram Widget? I’m sure your use-case will be covered by that widget perfectly fine :slight_smile:

I also see that your another Instagram widget works perfectly fine. That’s because you used Instagram Feed to create it:

Hello !

Hi Frederic,

Thanks for the screenshot, but I’m afraid it’s not enough info to understand your issue better and provide a solution :frowning:

However, I see that my colleagues from the Support Team are already working on your case, and I’m sure they’ll get back to you with the solution very soon.

We’re so sorry for the inconvenience you have to experience!

Yes there is another discussion, about this subject, with Renata from Elfsight Thanks to fuse them Bye bye Frédéric Jay

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I am having this exact same issue? Did you ever get this working on Shopify?

On our elfsight account we see the instagram feed images correctly. We tested this on another site as well (codepen) and there the feed works as expected.

But when we put this same code in Shopifys own Dawn theme. No images are shown.
We get the javascript error “Uncaught (in promise)”, and this is coming from Elfsights javascript files (instashow.js and platform.js).

Hello Martin!

I’m so very sorry to see that you have issues with our Instagram Feed widget :frowning:

I see that our Support Team has already replied to your ticket, but just in case I’m duplicating their solution here as well.

Our developers have checked your website and found the conflict with the website’s scripts, which was the reason for the issue. They’ve double-checked things and made sure that this issue is local, but not global.

To fix the issue, please try to reinstall the widget via iframe with the following code:

style="display: block; max-width: 1400px; margin: 0 auto;"
sandbox="allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-popups allow-forms allow-scripts allow-pointer-lock allow-same-origin allow-top-navigation allow-presentation"
@media(max-device-width: 1039px) {
#elfsight-instagram-feed-frame {
height: 400px !important;
@media(max-device-width: 425px) {
#elfsight-instagram-feed-frame {
height: 300px !important;

Please just replace the installation code of the widget with the code provided above and you are good.

Please let me know if it worked!

Hello and thank you. This worked.

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Great, thanks a lot for the update! :hugs:

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