Improvement needed in Youtube Gallery Widget comments functionality

Being a new user I am amazed at how easy yet detailed the customization and features of Youtube Gallery widget are. Well done !

However, I am disappointed why the ability to ‘post comment’ on a Youtube video from the pop-up comment showing window has not been integrated. Youtube does allow it through its API.

Another letdown is that the comments displayed within the widget’s popup do not display their replies as well. Without the replies being displayed it feels incomplete.

Is there no way to display nested replies along with the main comment?

Are any future updates on the horizon to address these issues? Many thanks.

Hello Gladtoteach,

Welcome to our community!

Thank you for your kind words, our main goal is to provide the best easy-to-use service for our users :slightly_smiling_face:

I am terribly sorry to hear that you feel this way about the comments functionality in our widget. We totally agree that ‘post comment’ and comment replies are must-have features for our YouTube Gallery. Unfortunately, there are certain technical limitations and our developers are currently looking for a solution to implement this. I believe that we’ll see a wide range of new features including these two in the nearest future!

We already have such requests in our Wishlist, and we kindly ask you to vote for them and leave your comments there, as any insights you have would be highly appreciated. As soon as the feature you voted for is released, you will receive a notification from us :blush:
Here they are: Comment button and Answers to comments