I want an easy way to autmaitcally share my events once they are added to my widget

It would be great to have integration to something like Buffer to allow simple event marketing. When a new event is added to my event widget, the details would be shared for posting on social, perhaps using GPT integration to create compelling drafts that are tailored to the needs of each social network. For example, short and sweet for Twitter, more detailed for FB/LinkedIn, etc.

Even better, this would allow creating a sequence of posts that advertise the event over time. IE:

  • Just announced, details of new event
  • A few reminders over the next few weeks
  • One week to go until …
  • Don’t misss event tomorrow…

This could also take into account the posting frequency and time of day posting schedule that Buffer sets up. IE it would create more posts for Twitter and fewer for FB/LinkedIn.

As a marketer, I want an easy and streamlined way to market my events on social media, so that I can increase the awareness of that event and increase the number of attendees.

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@user4596 Cool idea, thanks for adding it to the Wishlist!

Unfortunately, this task is quite a tall order and the chances for this feature to be released in the near future are quite low. However, we do have it in mind and will keep you informed about any news :slightly_smiling_face: