I ask my AI about Elfsight... 💡

Hello people, I played around a bit with my avatar AI today and I simply asked her what she knew about Elfsight and what the customer service is like. Feel free to try it out yourself =) But unfortunately you have to go through my MyWebsite query before the smart AI is activated. The Smart AI chat is offered in many languages, so give it a try, have fun :tada: :star_struck:

My question: :question:
Tell me about Elfsight Widgets, explain what they do and what their customer service is like.

AI response :arrow_forward: :robot:
Elfsight Widgets is an online service that offers a wide range of widgets for websites and platforms. These widgets can be easily embedded into a web page and allow users to add specific features or content to improve interaction with visitors and optimize the user experience. Elfsight offers widgets for various purposes and needs including social media feeds, reviews and testimonials, contact forms, chat boxes, calendars, surveys, pop-ups and many others. These widgets can be used on various platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and more. Elfsight’s customer service is generally regarded as reliable and helpful.

Why did the AI directly find information about Elfsight? :information_source:
The AI is set up so that the website is the key and further information is then taken from the internet. I find this extremely exciting, what do you think about it?

Dirk, it is absolutely lovely to see that AI knows Elfsight! It’s a really great idea to ask AI to collect information of a particular service, you won’t need to search the Internet trying to figure out everything yourself!

Yet another benefit of using AI :slight_smile:

Do you think it adds points to Elfsight’s credibility? :smile:

That always depends on how you set up the AI, but if you look at it from a purely technical point of view, it’s exactly like you said, AI doesn’t help search the whole internet.
Trust is such a thing. In India or the US, avatars are better accepted than in Germany, for example, as is everything innovative ^^
I see the following advantages of communicating with AI, especially in a support or service industry.

  • Simple questions are answered visually and in a personalized way
  • 48 languages are available
    As soon as it comes to questions that go into detail, a person should always deal with it because it is then a matter of finding a creative solution. An AI cannot yet think creatively!
  • great potential in integration
  • Can work internationally even as a small company
    text-to-speech & speech-to-text
  • these tools translate my 10-20 minute video in just a few seconds, where I always talk a lot =P It’s not perfect but it saves me 60% time. And so I also see AI as a tool that saves time. I love the exchange here thanks @Helga have a great Weekend. ba ba :kissing_heart: :wave: :wave:

Dirk, love the points you’ve shared, many thanks! But I think I kind of disagree that AI cannot be creative as of now, I really think it outsmarts us in this regard already! :sweat_smile:

In terms of content, oftentimes it suggests amazing variants, that look much better than the initial one. But of course it depends on the way you use the AI, probably it’s not that witty in other areas :slight_smile:

i found an interessisting articel about this very importend exchchange

But what criteria can we use to decide whether a work created with the help of AI is actually creative? As in a kind of extended *Turing test, should we recognize creative achievement when it can no longer be determined whether man or machine produced the creation? As AI systems become more sophisticated, more and more works would certainly pass as “human-made.”
In short, it can be said that AI applications that rely on large amounts of data can be particularly convincing in “simpler” forms of creativity. This includes combining existing elements or imitating a certain style. However, AI reaches its limits when it comes to leaving a given conceptual space and exceeding existing rules. To date, there are hardly any well-functioning AI applications for this so-called “transformative creativity”.

*The Turing test, originally called the imitation game by Alan Turing in 1950, is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

For me that means that as long as there is no AI that thinks creatively like humans, the content will be uniform but nothing that stands out… But that’s because of how AI is used. I also use AI but in the end I try to add my own touch through programs like Affinity or PS. Well, everyone has their own truths ^^ that’s mine

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Absolutely! Just the other day I took part in an activity, where we had to guess which quatrains were written by a person and which ones - by AI. Guess what? I guessed none of them :joy:

I don’t want to come across as pushy, of course, but it’s lovely to see that everyone takes things differently. And it’s great!

Become pushy? Different opinions only lead to an exchange, so please don’t apologize for it. :hugs::heart:

I guess ^^ you chose AI texts where you thought they were written by people =)
In my opinion, it’s hard to tell the difference in a seminar, and it will definitely be difficult for specialists too. :yum: but only people who have specialized in this area can do that. That’s why working with AI will be about specialists who know what’s behind what the user sees. EVERYONE is affected by this and has to make a decision at some point where the journey is going ^^ that sounds big again ^^ but AI will affect all areas only the crafts but here too robots with smart AI are already being used, which I personally don’t think much of it cannot be avoided. The consequence is that many people need a new orientation. Through your tools and tools from other companies, lateral entry is possible because they are applicable, through interest and hard work when creating creative personalized holistic content.
Ou jeeee thats 4 a Monday^^ I love it thanks @helga

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That is well said! Yeah, you’ve got to know a thing or two to be able to make the most out of working with AI :slight_smile:

Loved this exchange too, Dirk, thanks a lot for striking it!

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