How to create a Portfolio Page with Lightbox in Squarespace

Description: a Portfolio Page with sub pages, when clicking on each subpage >> Open a Lightbox with Subpage content.
How to
#1. First, create a Plus Icon > Choose Portfolio

#2. Choose a layout (you can change this later, anytime you want)

Squarespace will create some sample items, you can edit them, or remove them and create new one.

#3. Next, to add lightbox features, you need to find sub page url.

In my example, we will have

  • /portfolio01/project-one-ephnc-ra6kt
  • /portfolio01/project-two-llrgk-y6r72
  • /portfolio01/project-three-8zgh7-cw24f
  • /portfolio01/project-four-yjynj-3ft5b
  • /portfolio01/project-five-jkmzy-8756a

#4. Install Lightbox Plugin, plugin will give you some code to add to Code Injection Header/Footer, like this.

#5. Use this code to Website Tools > Code Injection > Footer (above plugin code)

<script src=""></script>

#6. Note

#7. Result
When clicking the item on the Portfolio Page, it will open a lightbox with detailed content.