How can i get the panel review to pop at the left or right side instead of in the widget

How can i make the panel review of the google review widget slide out instead of opening in the widget itself?

The example of what i want: SEO specialist in Apeldoorn | Pixelpanters.
I cant get this done on my own website.

Thanks for the help.

Regards Frank

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@Frank_Morhee happy to welcome you to our community forum!

I see your point, but I’ve checked the widget in your account, and I see that you’ve customized it just right! So if you click on your widget you’ll get all the reviews displayed as a sidebar on the left.

Could you please let me know if you’re good now? If you have other questions or if I misunderstood you, I’ll be happy to assist :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga. I think we misunderstood eachother. Below is how it looks (screenshot from when i put the widget live on wix. Its offline now).

When i click on the widget it opens up in the footer only. And not on the side of the website. How can i solve this?

Thank you, @Frank_Morhee, got it!

Such issues might come up on Wix, so I’d recommend you to install the widget avoiding iFrame, here’s a guide on how to do it: How to install a widget on Wix avoiding iFrame - Elfsight Help Center.

If it didn’t work, please send me the link to the page where you installed the widget, I’ll try my best to help :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga

You are my hero of the day! Thanks for the advice! We made progress.

I have 3 questions left:

  1. The widget is visible at he bottem of the footer but pushes the other content to the bottom. How can i keep it at the top? So inline with ‘bereikbaarheid’
  2. The widget is visible on desktop but doesnt show on mobile. How can i change this

3: Why doenst the structured markup for the reviews show in de google markup test:

Regards Frank

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Frank, this is great, we’re on the right path!

I’d be very happy to help with the rest of the issues, but I’m afraid I need to see your website and check what’s going wrong there. Is it an option for you to send me the link?


Thank you

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Ik fixed part of the problem. Its visible on mobile now and desktop looks a little bit better. The problem that is left is that there is a big space of nothing above the widget (inside the widget).

And the structured markup part.

Great! We’re looking into the other issues, I’ll get back to you with the solution soon :slight_smile:

Frank, we’ve corrected the location of the widget with the help of the following CSS code:

.global-styles, #comp-llauuj4u .xPEAfP {
  display: none;

.global-styles, [data-mesh-id^='comp-llauuj4uinlineContent'] {
  display: none;

.global-styles, [class^='BadgeContainer__Inner-sc'] {
  padding: 0;

Could you please check it now?

As for your question regarding the markup, with the way the validator works, it checks only the initial code of the page, so it can recognize the widget installation code itself, but not its content.

The markup is included in the content, which gets generated when the page is being loaded, so this is why the validator can’t detect it. However, if you go to your webpage, copy the markup code from your page and add it to the Schema Validator, it will be successfully validated

I would also recommend you to check the schema with Rich Results Test since it scans the site content and markup in live format :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga,

The widget looks perfect! Thanks for the help.

I see the Localbusiness markup but I dont see the review markup in the validator.

Il just wait and see if google shows the reviews in the serp :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help today! You are my hero :slight_smile:



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I was super happy to help! Feel free to ask questions here, we’re always happy to assist :slight_smile:

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