Horizontal Layout on mobile

Columns layout side by side on mobile in order to scroll them horizontally


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Need to create small foot print, space efficient horizontal pricing tables perfect to place beside an item or video player

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We have 9-12 options that would work very well in this format but given the lack of a scroll option it doesn’t work for us at the moment.

Is it possible to display 3 and then add arrows to scroll through additional options.


Yes a horizontal slider scroll on mobile would be perfect. I am using it as a machinery specification comparison table and it really looks quite poor and clunky on mobile when it stacks each column and repeats the header column. I would love this to become a slider with the header column “frozen” so you can easily compare products.


Totally get your point, @Joshua_Whalan, thanks a lot for sharing!

I’ll be happy to let you know if I have any news regarding this request. I’m afraid I don’t have any specific info regarding the ETA at the moment, but let’s hope we can consider this layout in one of the nearest updates.

Thanks a lot for your help and welcome to the forum! I’ll be happy to see you around :slight_smile:

PLEASE - 2019 is tooo long to wait. Get it done!

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@Rob_Case I know, right? Unfortunately, Elfsight seems to be prioritising developing new widgets over fixing the shortcomings of existing ones. Until they do something about it, I can’t use the pricing table on our website.

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Hey @Rob_Case and @Joshua_Whalan. Found a solution, it’s not horizontal scroll but you can add a “multiple tables” feature. I recently posted on this subject too and @Max helped me out! Now it won’t be an endless scroll.


Thanks, @seltz. Unfortunately, this workaround does not work for my use case—comparing the specs of different machinery models. Only having one option displayed at a time isn’t that useful. It looks like a good solution for you, though!

Hi folks, thank you for your comments!

I’m really sorry that it’s taking so long to deliver this feature. I know that our devs are going to start working on enhancing the Pricing Table widget, and I’ll be happy to share any news with you :pray:t2:

Although we really are set to extend our catalog by adding more useful and helpful solutions, we’re working hard on implementing new features to our current widgets as well. We post all timely updates in our Changelog, you’re most welcome to follow the news there :slight_smile: