Hide Menu Item Toggle Position

I’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants actively hide multiple menu items on a day-to-day basis depending on supply of local produce. This would mean they have to use the hide menu button quite a fair bit.

Would it be better to have the hide menu item toggle right next to each food item so they can turn it on and off with ease and save them one extra step to wait for when navigating the app.

something like this:

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@Champs thanks a lot for sharing your suggestion, I think it sounds pretty much interesting and reasonable!

Am I right that it could be a Hide button, just like in our Event Calendar app?


yepp, exactly! that would be immense help in easing the user backend process :pray:t4:

Great, we’ll try to think about it then!

I’ll keep you updated here :slight_smile:

And yes, welcome to the community and never hesitate to ask questions or take part in other discussions! Your help is huge :raised_hands:t2:

Great! Thank you so much.

What’s the process like in getting one of these recommendations approved by your development team?

Well I have to confess that right now our devs are jam-packed with a lot of tasks and projects, and we have to consider the most popular requests first.

It doesn’t mean that other suggestions will be forgotten, we just cannot promise a speedy development :frowning:

But we’re happy to receive your ideas and see how our widgets could be enhanced, so we really appreciate your sharing with us! :fire: