Halloween: Some Tips From Elfsight!

How are you doing, friends? :wave:t2:

Although Halloween might seem like child’s play, we all know that’s far from the truth. This is the time when all the crazy things and sales take place!

We decided to share a couple of tips and ideas for you to use your Elfsight widgets to the fullest :jack_o_lantern:

Discount Countdown

Countdown Timer widget is a perfect solution to demonstrate your limited-time offer.
Feel free to check out our ready-made Halloween templates in the widget’s Appearance tab!

Sales Popup

Popup widget is another great solution to draw attention to your offer. Halloween templates are also waiting for you to try them out!

Halloween Slider

Slider widget is the best choice to engage your visitors in whatever you offered from the very first second! Wide-screen animated slides will definitely not go unnoticed.

Halloween Banner

Fancy a neat, homely Banner? Great way to shout out your offer by placing a banner wherever you need it! Halloween template is there for you as well :slight_smile:

And what widgets are YOU going to use to prep your website for Halloween? Have you tried any of the above?