Awesome Customizations From Elfsight Users 🛠

Halloween is the time when creativity runs wild, and we’ve been thrilled to see you embracing the spirit of the season during October Customization Challenge :jack_o_lantern:

We loved every single widget, but 2 of them went beyond the expectations. In this post, we’d like to go into details and explore the magic behind‍ these awesome widgets.

Halloween Banner game

@Martin_Myburgh used our Banner app to display the Halloween Match 3 game on his website.


  • 2 iframe blocks with the links to the game and Sales Notification widget

  • Title

  • Separator: 40px

Layout settings:

  • Content Alignment: Center

  • Padding: 22px

  • Spacing: 0px

Halloween Announcement Bar & Before and After Slider

@Shawn_Martin completely wowed us by presenting his fantastic combination of 2 widgets. When clicking on Announcement Bar button, you’ll get redirected to witness amazing Before and After Slider:


Announcement Bar settings:

  • Position: Static Top

  • Action Element: Button

  • Visual Element: Badge

  • Close Button: enabled

Before and After Slider settings:

  • Layout: List

  • Width: 820px

  • Image Ratio: 1:1 Square

  • Direction: Horizontal

  • Labels position: Bottom

We’re excited to see what other amazing things our community will come up with in the future.

By the way, do you have any ideas for the next challenges? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments :wink: