Google Reviews widget translates my reviews into English

The widget translates my Google reviews into the “English” language.
The problem is that all my clients are “French” and the reviews were published in “French” and not English.

I don’t understand why they are in “English”… how can I correct it?

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Hi @user3925 :wave:

Could you please send me a link to the webpage where your widget is installed or specify widget ID?

Visible on this page : Témoignages et avis sur les prestation de Raphaël Gellon.

My ID is : elfsight-app-13714e7c-54a0-4d83-863d-6aa7041ae8fc

Thanks for your help

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Thank you!

I’ve relayed your request on to our dev team! I’ll get back to you once any news come up :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue is fixed!

Please check your website and let me know if it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,
Yes it’s perfect, thank you very much.
Good day


Awesome, you are always welcome :wink:

Have a great day!