Google Reviews on Wix Website

Hi folks Im new to Wix and Elfsight, however im hoping someone could advise me.
Last night i managed to import my google reviews onto my Wix Website using Elfsight, which worked great. However ive now notice that although Ive now got more reviews via Google my website hasnt updated to include the new reviews left earlier. Is there something i need to do.
If someone could advise me Id be grateful. Many thanks Andy.

Hello @user556! We are overjoyed to see you at Elfsight Community! Welcome :partying_face:!

The reason why new reviews don’t make it to the feed on your website right away is cache. The cache time for all of our Reviews apps is 48 hours, so the new reviews may appear in your widget with a delay.

In this article you can find more detailed information on this topic.

However, if it’s been more than 48 hours, and the reviews still didn’t appear, please provide me with the direct link to the page with the issue. Our devs will be delighted to investigate this for you :blush:.

Thank You Maksim. I appreciate that.
Many thanks Andy.