Google Maps cannot be loaded correctly on this page


Since today I have the problem that the following error message appears on all Google Maps in my account:

‘Google Maps cannot be loaded correctly on this page.’

Attention: Due to the GDPR, the widget was integrated via iFrame via a two-click plugin. You have to click the button first. Then the elfsight widget opens.

How can I fix this?
Everything was working fine until yesterday.

Thank you for a quick help.

Best regards

Hello @Thorsten :wave:

Thank you for contacting us!

I’ve checked your website and I see that the console is reporting that Billing was not enabled while setting up API key, so that’s why your Map is not loading correctly:

Please follow this link from your console and enable Billing there -, it should help to fix this issue. You can also find the details about enabling the billing in this article - How to get Google API Key for Google Maps widget.

Please let me know if it helps and if any other assistance is needed :slightly_smiling_face: