Google Maps app not loading Google Maps correctly

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    I’m getting a “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly” error on the Google Maps app. It’s showing in the elfsight editor and actual embedded widget on the page. The map says “For development purposes only”.

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Hello @Caleb1! We are so happy that you’ve joined our Community! Welcome :tada:

I’ve checked your website and I see that the console is reporting that Billing was not enabled while setting up API key, so that’s why your Map is not loading correctly:

Please follow this link from your console and enable Billing there -, it should help to fix this issue. You can also find the details about enabling the billing in this article - How to get Google API Key for Google Maps widget.

Please let me know if it helps and if any other assistance is needed.

Hi @Caleb1 - I am also having the same problem on three of my websites (or all of the websites I have this widget installed)

I have Google Maps console set up with billing enabled and had created a project and api with Google Maps api’s enabled, however I see no place in my Elfsight dashboard / Google Maps application to add the API information in order to get these maps to work.

I also tried just created a project in Google Maps console, creating an API and enabling the Google Maps api’s and restricing the URLs to the following

This did nothing to alleviate the issue either.

I have been trying to get in touch with support but am not receiving any responses. Can you please help me figure out what is going on and what I need to do to fix this problem asap.

Thank you!

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Hello @Hedera and welcome to Elfsight Community :wink:

I am terribly sorry that you’ve faced such an issue with our app.

We see that you’ve opened support tickets, and we’ve contacted you there.

Could you please check your inbox?

We’ll be looking forward to your reply in a support ticket!