Google Business Profile Embed

Came across after doing a search for how to embed a Google Business Profile to a website. I think this could be a widget that would benefit a lot of your users. They also have one that you can add Google photos & one for reviews. Would be cool to have one that has all 3 in one if that is possible along with local business schema?!


Many thanks for sharing your idea and your finding, @Greg_Teigen, and welcome to the community!

I see your point, and I must say a combination of three widgets in one sounds good :slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe we’ll think in this direction in the future!

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s very much appreciated :star_struck:

This would be very useful - saves us from having to update the website when a business’s Hours change. When we change the GBP details, they’d automatically update on the website.

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Hi there @Dave_Gustafson :wave:

Yeah, I cannot but agree that it would be a huge time-saver. We’ll try our best to consider this opportunity in the future and I’ll make sure to update you here in case of any news :wink:

Many thanks for sharing your feedback and welcome to the Community!

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