General chat for everyone visiting

I think it would be good if you could add a chat. I’m talking about a general chat, so that every visitor can chat in a general chat and they can also send private messages. Even if a new chat room can be used, for example, for each page (with a different theme). This is interesting and will be great, there may be no need for registration and only as a guest to enter the chat room, also from the admin panel the three things from people if they use insults, threats and the like…

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@Milen_Vasilev happy to see you in the community, welcome!

You know, I’ve been thinking in this direction for quite some time, as I agree that an option to chat here and now sounds appealing :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you’ll still have to log in to the forum to be able to use the chat, but probably we really should give it a try!

I’ll make a post if chat will be implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing, it does mean a lot!