GDPR compliant contact form

My client business is based in EU
I have report from cookiebot for embedded contact form on client site.
Data is sent to: United States (not adequate).
This is huge problem for people from Europe

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Hello @Nebojsa and we are happy to greet you at the best place in the world :earth_africa: Welcome to Elfsight Community :tada:

It’s understandable that cookies are not something everyone is fond of, so we’ve successfully disabled them for you!

Could you please confirm that everything’s fine now on your end?

I don’t have problem with your cookie, I have problem with storage data. When I test elfsight contact form on cookiebot It’s said that data goes to server outside from Europe. By the law of EU GDPR DATA PROTECTION, storage of data outside the EU is forbidden by the GDPR, and elfsight storage data on server in USA.

Same Problem here

Google-Map on:

And here: Werbeagentur Hannover

And here

And several websites more!

Conclusion: your extensions cannot be used in the EU!!!

We need a quick solution - for example data only within the EU - or a way that the user must first actively consent before the app loads.

Otherwise, all users within the EU will have to remove your apps from their websites. We would then terminate the contracts accordingly.

Best regards

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There is also new regulation with google fonts.

Hello folks,

I’m so sorry about this unfavourable situation! We’ll definitely get into this with the team tomorrow (we’re out of office already, unfortunately), and I’ll get back to you with the results right away.

Thanks a lot for your comments and the info provided!

Hello, thanks a lot for your patience!

We’ve discussed the matter with the team, and here’s the thing:

@Nebojsa, @Thorsten According to the screenshots you provided, the cause of the issue is the cookie that was identified by your tool. We can surely disable this cookie for you so that it doesn’t cause any difficulties. However, if you meant some other data, could you please elaborate on that?

Thank you!

many thanks for your response.
Then I would like to ask you to deactivate all cookies in my account and to explain to me how I can deactivate cookies in future Elfsight apps.
Many Thanks.

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Hello @Thorsten, thank you for your reply!

I’ve successfully disabled the cookie in your account, so you’re welcome to keep using your widgets and create new ones – this cookie will no longer affect them.

Please let me know if everything’s fine now or if there’s anything else I could help you with :slight_smile:

Hello @Helga,

Thank you very much.
I noticed that on this website:

A cookie is sent to the USA from the weather widget.

Can you please disable that? Or show me how to do it myself?

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Thorsten!

I’ve successfully disabled cookies for this account as well, so this issue should not arise from now on.

I’m afraid, the only option to do disable cookies is to do it on our end, but I’ll be happy to help if anything of this kind is needed in the future :slight_smile:

Please let me know if everything’s fine now.