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Hello @Max

Please send me also information about that issue!
We have also the same problem with two of our clients. They have receive a letter from a lawyer and we must pay that!!!

Hello @Pantelis! Welcome to Elfsight Community :heart_hands:

I am really sorry that you’ve faced issues using our app! Please accept my sincere apologies!

At the moment, our devs are working on this issue. Could you please provide me with direct link to the webpages where your widgets are installed?

Hi @Max!

Thank you! :smiley:

I have already removed the app from my pages because can find a solution to that problem and there is active a lawsuit for my both clients.

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Hi there!

Any acceptable solution here?

Hi @Pantelis, my apologies for the late reply!

I’m truly sorry that such issues arise for our users. At the moment, we’re investigating such cases privately via the support ticket and trying to find a global solution.

Upon several tests, we see that iframe could work here, but the investigation is not over yet.

If you have any issues of this kind, please contact our Support Team, they will be very happy to assist.

We’re extremely sorry for the trouble :pray:t2:

@Helga Thank you for your quick response!
I will do that…

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@Pantelis you’re most welcome!

I do believe the issue will be resolved for good :pray:t2:

Hello @Helga

I’m getting a little annoyed.

You had assured me that no more cookies were sent from your widgets and that all cookies were deactivated in my account. Today I learn that cookies are still being sent from your widgets.

Are you kidding me?

I have already mentioned several times that there are problems with sending cookies to the USA in Europe and that there have already been warnings about this.

Hence the question: Are cookies sent or not?

It can’t be that there are always problems with your widgets!

I’m about to cancel my membership retrospectively and ask for my money back from you guys.


Hello Thorsten, and I’m deeply sorry about this infuriating situation. This all looks terrible and I totally understand what you feel.

We’ve investigated the matter one more time and I believe I can elaborate on what’s going on and what the data on your screenshot mean.

You see, and which are indicated in your report are not cookies but the URLs that make requests to our servers. If you check the developer’s console → Application tab (or just cookies in use) you will see that the only cookies you have are the ones that you have as the owner of this widget:

If you’d love to understand how your website visitors see your website and how things work for them in terms of cookies, you can check your website in Incognito or in some other browser. Better still, you can log out from your Elfsight account and remove all the cookies in your browser to get the purest picture of the cookies situation for the end-visitor.

This way, according to the report you provided, no cookies are in use on your website, and the URLs displayed on your screenshot do not contain any personal information since the request to the server is a requirement for the widget to get initialized on the website.

I really hope this clarified the situation, but if you have any other questions or concerns, I’ll do my very best to eliminate them all.

Thank you so much for your patience!