Gap at the top of Elphsight Calendar

Hi all,

I’ve recently added a calendar to a website that I look after, but there is a large gap at the top of the widget. The website is created on Wix.

I followed the instructions supplied by Elphsight support but everything that I have tried so far results in the same.

I’ve changed the size of the box where the calendar is held, but that makes no difference.

Any ideas or suggestions please?

The site is at

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Greetings @user9422 and welcome aboard :wave:

I see that my colleague Apollonia has already reached out to you in a support ticket. As Apollonia mentioned, our devs resized the section with the widget and reduced the gap.

Also,she checked the issue described, and the widget was displayed fine on her end. I’ve also checked it and the widget appears on my side:

Could you please double-check your website and let Apollonia know if everything is fine now?