Free coaching & support for IONOS customers, apply now

Free coaching & support for IONOS customers, apply now

Help for beginners with the MyWebsite Builder. The idea came about because IONOS published its own solution for the MyWebsite box. That’s how I got the idea that I prefer to support small companies that have a cool idea. such as artists who want to build a community, or dealers or service providers who would like to take advantage of all possibilities, e.g. speak to all social media channels without having to spend more work.


Trust (So that I can support you in the best possible way, the contracts should be booked via my partner account.)
IONOS tools must be booked

  • MyWebsite Creator ( New Version )
  • list local +
  • ranking coach +
  • Central interface
  • Essential web hosting

Call to Action

  • Annual subscription to Elfsight

Social media min.2 accounts


Regular time to work on the website
Regular coaching sessions online → I’ll get you fit!
Working with online tablesaqy

My language skills =)
German mother tongue
English good
Dutch very well

The most interesting idea will receive free support for creating your website from IONOS under the conditions mentioned.
Interest? Then write to me. Happy New Year
greetz Dirk


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[quote=“Dirk, post:1, topic:10515”]
[/quote] please how can I build my website from here

Hi Pablo,
thank you for your interest, the best way would be if you are or will be a IONOS customer. The other point is that I need to know which country you are from and whether I can easily create a partner account there in the UK. But first and foremost it’s about your idea. Maybe you want to share your idea publicly here? The best idea will win and will get help creating the website as well as video material and a banner package with some advertising from me. I hope this has helped you.
Here is a new video about my services and that the winner gets from me.
translated in EN by hand. Oh man that was a lot of work, then I’d rather discuss the videos in English^^

Much luck
PS: IONOS used to be the telephone company 1&1
My partner account in the UK

My partner account in Germany

I’ll be more glad if you can assist me more further

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I’m very happy to help if I can, I’m very interested in getting in touch with companies or creative people around the world. Visit me on Discord so we can talk.

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