A video for beginner. Setup a referral link

Hey everybody, I’ve read in the affiliate chat from time to time that a video might help, for users without a technical background. Many greetings, Dirk

@Dirk Thank you for such a detailed video! :heartbeat: Very informative! :fire:

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Guys, If you’re just getting started with the Elfsight affiliate program, check out this video! :fire:

You will learn how it’s easy to get your affiliate link from the affiliate dashboard and start affiliating.


Tutorial create the social feed widget and install it in the IONOS kit

happy about Feedback

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Help! http://youtube.com/@officiallittlepablo

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Hey Pablo, look at this when you have a good…

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Yes thanks am ready to do that now

Please, how can I subscribe to this channel here please

If you live in the UK you can contact me through my business partner IONOS. There is a function connect & care. With this you can give me access to your website. This is a free service from me, I look at your contracts and get the best for you. But for that it is important for me to know what you want to do with your website?

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I am not from and I am not from Germany

thats my partner account in England :upside_down_face:
where do you come from?

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Pardon my manner/and my English

Please how can you assist me further

no problem i have to use translator too =P
everything is possible with patience, everything works with patience, nice that you found your way into my discord channel. Just write me there and please describe me in more detail where you come from, what you want to build with your website. Feel free to write to me in your national language via AI, I can translate your texts live, so it’s very fast and we would communicate with a delay as an example the time for translation and response^^ that’s definitely interesting

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