Facebook connection is constanty disconnected

I have the the free elfsight plugin for the facebook posts to show up on my site.
From time to time, it would disconnect and I would have to manually connect and save and it would work properly for some time.

Now no matter what, after I connect, and save, if I go back in to check, it says is is disconnected again.

here is the facebook page " (1) Keswick Hearing Centre | Facebook"

here is my website page with the problems " News - Keswick Hearing Centre"

someone please help

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Hello @Alon! We are happy to see you in the best place on the Earth :earth_africa: Welcome to Elfsight Community!

I am terribly sorry that you’ve faced issues using our app. Please accept my sincere apologies!

Much as I would like to help, I’m not the person who can do it. We have a dedicated Support Center for our standalone WordPress plugins at CodeCanyon Help Center and I see that you’ve already opened a support ticket there.

The team who work there has all the right skills to fix this for you. My colleagues from this department will definitely contact you in the nearest possible time!

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

Have a nice day!

Hello @Alon!

I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding!

I’ve noticed that you are using CodeCanyon plugin and Elfsight Cloud app.

I’ve checked your Elfsight Cloud Facebook Feed and it seems to be working correctly now:

Could you please confirm if there is still an issue on your side?

I just checked again. Using Firefox, it has an issue.
If I use Microsoft edge it seems fine.
If I use chrome, it seems fine.

I now see that the problem must be with Firefox.
here is what I get from firefox on my sight and what I get on elfsight widget page.

Also, when I log into the elfsight page where my widget is, i see that it says that it is disconnected from facebook.
I select connect, I go though all the steps and then it says connected. I save. and it saves and takes me out of the widget page. I then client to go back into the widget to just check and make sure everything is good, and again it say disconnected.

I cant seem to send you pictures of what I see on my screen.

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here is the other picture

Hello @Alon!

I am so sorry that you are still experiencing issues!

However, I’ve checked your website using Firefox and everything works fine:

If the issue still persists on your side, could you please specify the version of your browser?

thank you for you time, but the problem has not been fixed. The issue is still there when using firefox to view the webpage.

please notice the broken links for each post.

the think i found the issue…it seems like there is something wrong with my firefox browser. I will try to clear cache and see is that helps

Hello @Alon!

Sure thing! If the issue still persists, please let us know and we’ll be happy to check everything for you!

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face: