Display only the star rating for the product without individual review

Currently, elfsight displays Amazon product review with the star rating and individual reviews, where the user can select the number of reviews to display. There is an option to select 0 review to display but that option does not currently work. It is definitely a good idea to be able to select 0 review and only display the star rating for the product review because some users may prefer to do it this way. Another reason is because permission from each reviewer is actually required in order to display their review on an external website outside of Amazon. It is very unrealistic to accomplish that.

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Original comment transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

The feature has been released! :tada:

You are welcome to choose one of four ready-made Badge templates or customize the Badge widget yourself. This is how you can do so:

  1. Go to your widget’s Layout tab
  2. Find Reviews Layout section and choose either Floating Badge or Embeddable Badge layout.

Feel free to check this option in our online Amazon Reviews demo (Embed Amazon Reviews widget on your Website (easy and fast)) !

And please share your thoughts on this functionality in the comments section :blush: