Date format options on apps

We are planning on using the weather app on a client website, but our (Icelandic) date format is not supported when it comes to day of the month. The Icelandic date format would be “daynumber. monthname year” for example “20. febrúar 2023”.

We think it would be beneficial to have some way of allowing the user to select or even format their own date. A simple text box allowing us to put in the date format formula would be good (input could be something like “dd.mmmm yyyy”) but a dropdown with the different formats should not be hard to create.

According to Option: Change date format to dd. Month yyyy this has been implemented in the events calendar, so the functions have been written, just need to be implemented in the rest of the apps.

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@Jonas thanks a lot for leaving your suggestion and for all the details!

I agree that the widgets lacks an option to change the date format, we’ll try to consider your idea in our future updates :slight_smile:

Many thanks for helping us, and welcome to the Elfsight Community! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or start discussions, we’re happy to discuss things with you! :slight_smile: