Dashboard: Two new features are up for discussion

^ this feature would be amazing

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would love to know at birds eye view what domains are using my widgets - it may not be useful for multi clients, but i have 14 websites on one client and recently was able to detect a suspicious activity using the statistics.

with that note, it would also be nice to have an app that i can install on homepage - that can detect/send alert to my email if any other domain than the specified domain in a “safe domain list” that I pre-determined has started to use the widget.


That is a very nice suggestion regarding an option to control the activity, @Cbc, thanks a lot for sharing!
I’m not sure that this is something we could consider for the nearest update, but it’s definitely a good food for thought :slight_smile:

Hi Helga!

For me, I think everything works as it should… But I get curious about everything new… Looking forward to it… Michel.J :thinking::+1::astonished:

Great idea Pedro. Just enquring, have you found a way to disable through CSS?


These two wouldn’t be as important to me.

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I think you can simply use “display:none” css code to hide the widget.

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I agree with Giorgos. Having the fully resolved URL would be helpful, and if it’s clickable that would be even better.

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@William2 I cannot deny the convenience if this option, yes :slight_smile:

Our devs will try to think over it, and I really hope there will not be any obstacles :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, and welcome to the Elfsight Community!


I have some feedback/suggestions. Individual stats for each widget. Right now I’m only able to see overall widget views (statistics). It would be helpful to know how many views each individual widget has. Thanks


@user60 couldn’t agree more!

The good news is that separate statistics per widget will be available in our new Dashboard, which is about to be released :slight_smile:

Feel welcome to vote for this request to get a notification upon the release: Usage statistics per widget.


For us this would get insane. We have most widget on 50+ pages. But having the option to see it in depth via a hover feature would be nice.

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I love these ideas. Here’s my take and feedback.

Feature 1: Having the ability to see the domain something is installed on is extremely helpful. It would be nice if it’s possible “search”, “filter”, or “tag” different widgets though.

It’s insane going through a list of 200 installs just to find 1 that’s on page 5. Having the ability to simply select a tag, type a keyword, or type the domain would be extremely helpful and save us a substantial amount of time.

Feature 2: Yes please, keep it plain and simple. Have a slight color difference like dark gray for installed, light grey for not installed.

Another feature: It would be nice if the “My Applications” page could be filterable. We use 16 widgets but finding one is already a nuisance when we are trying to be quick. We love the ability to type letters to filter out things quickly. Similar to the search feature below the My Applications section.

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@Justin98 a huge thank you for your awesome comment and ideas!! It’s super important for us to know your thoughts and expectations :slight_smile:

I do love your idea about a search/filter option, and the good news is that search is already available in our new dashboard! You’ll be able to test it out as soon as we finish with the development and transfer all our custmers there. Meanwhile, you can vote for this idea to get updates on the progress :slight_smile:

Many thanks for supporting our ideas and for your suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider them all! :raised_hands:t2:

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A few thoughts here:

  1. We use the same widget on multiple domains at times. For example we have a reviews widget that shows on 3 websites. It’s the same one with the same reviews since it’s apart of the same company.

  2. When the widget has a domain associated, that would mean it’s active. So it already is defined by knowing it’s on a domain.

  3. The ability to search/filter through or select multiple options would be great. For example we sometimes have 5 review/contact widgets for 1 domain.


@Justin98 thank you so much for all the ideas you shared! That’s a great food for thought, we’ll try to think over all the cases to make our new dashboard as convenient and functional as possible :slight_smile:

@Helga It would be great also if we can create tags with names and colors so we can easily filter the widgets per tag.

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Nice idea, @Giorgos, thanks for sharing! Maybe our tech guys will take it under consideration!

That would be really cool!

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