Changing width of any widget in all screen sizes

Hello, Ive noticed the FAQ widget doesn’t have any width settings in px or percentage.

Is there any CSS code which I can apply to any future widget and have control over the size of the widget in all screen sizes?

Example of Page:


Hi Matt!

Sure thing, here’s the code that should help you adjust the width for your FAQ widget:

.global-styles, .elfsight-app-a8827037-006b-4665-87d1-69768ee6a4c3 {
  width: 700px;

Please be advise that this code will work only for a particular FAQ widget installed on this page: faq — Forme Yoga.

If you need to apply the same CSS code to other widgets, you have to change the part with the widget ID, I’ll show it on a screenshot:

Please let me know if it helped!