Changing width of any widget in all screen sizes

Hello, Ive noticed the FAQ widget doesn’t have any width settings in px or percentage.

Is there any CSS code which I can apply to any future widget and have control over the size of the widget in all screen sizes?

Example of Page:


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Hi Matt!

Sure thing, here’s the code that should help you adjust the width for your FAQ widget:

.global-styles, .elfsight-app-a8827037-006b-4665-87d1-69768ee6a4c3 {
  width: 700px;

Please be advise that this code will work only for a particular FAQ widget installed on this page: faq — Forme Yoga.

If you need to apply the same CSS code to other widgets, you have to change the part with the widget ID, I’ll show it on a screenshot:

Please let me know if it helped!

Where do I find the app code hi-lighted?

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Welcome to the forum, @user829! :hugs:

You will find your widget installation code in your Elfsight dashboard → choose the needed app → Add to website button:

This article contains more details, so feel free to check it out: Where to get Elfsight widget installation code - Elfsight Help Center

Please let me know if it helped!

I did not purchase the app through Elfsight. I purchased the app through Spotify.

I tried to change the shade of the text and the text disappeared completely. I am at a loss. Tom

I see, thank you for the specification!

You know, I’ve checked our helpdesk, and it seems my colleagues from Support Team are already working on your support ticket.

Since this forum is for users of our cloud apps from, I guess my colleagues will be the best people to assist you. You’re welcome to ask any questions there :slight_smile: