Change font in Calendar Widget

I’d like the font on my calendar widget to display in Red Hat Text from Google Fonts. What CSS do I need to add? I believe the CSS would go into the appearance / Custom CSS. I searched and some some CSS, but that code did not work for me. I do have the Red Hat Text installed on the website for this widget. Thank you @Helga

The widget is embedded here -

Hello @Neil and welcome to Elfsight Community :tada: :heart:

I’ve added the following CSS code to the Custom CSS field:

font-family: Red Hat Text;

Please check it and let me know if everything is fine on your side :wink:

Thank you so much. The font is working. YAY!
Can you please take a look and tell me why it’s doing this when you click on the link for Deltapine Luncheon and then look at the Show More area? Screenshot attached.


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Hello Neil :wave:

I’ve checked your widget and found the following code in the Code editor of the Description field:

<span style="font-size: 14px; background-color: rgb(61, 61, 61);</span>

I’ve removed it and everything seems to be working fine.

Please check it and let me know if you like what you see :slightly_smiling_face: