Calendar - Everything I did yesterday is GONE

I’ve been using you guys for a year… LOVE IT…

I put in about 10 hours to organize stuff for the next 3 months… and then promoted it in 30k of emails, Telegram, FB, etc… and now… ALL OF IT IS GONE.

TELL ME you guys have some backups you can go dig into!

I also sent a support ticket - but the response looks like I shouldn’t expect much help any time soon.

This is a DISASTER for me.

Dear Sally,

I’m extremely sorry for this situation and for the experience you have had.

I see that my colleague Sofia has already started working on your case in your support ticket, and I do believe she will provide the best resolution.

Please accept my apologies for this incident one more time.

I stayed up late last night, hoping to hear from you. I got responses at about 3-4AM this morning. :frowning:

Today, at least, your company gave me a list of versions to compare that were done back on Sunday while I had been doing all of that work.

The second to the last one you gave was the best - so I enabled and installed that one. It’s missing at least one item… so I will go through and double check everything with my paper calendar back here in my office. … I think I need a cup of coffee to make it through it. lol

I only want to say that it was a REAL BUMMER that it took TWO DAYS to get this list from you. That was two days that were embarrassing and non-productive. I had promoted events to 50k people… and now I have to verify the calendar is accurate, and then go about re-promoting the entire thing again today.

I LOVE the looks of this calendar on the site… but this was a really bad experience. The worst part is knowing that you’re on the other side of the planet and you don’t bother to take care of those of us in the US in a timely fashion.

The calendar DOES serve as the front end to my customers for them to find the things they want to participate in/buy… so yeah… this stung pretty bad.

Dear Sally,

I cannot apologize enough for this disappointing experience you’ve had with us! I totally understand your frustration and pain, and I’m beyond sorry that you had to go through this :cry:

I must say that this incident is an absolutely unique case, and I’m terribly sorry that it happened with you. Unfortunately, we’ve been receiving an unusual amount of requests these days, hence the respond time had also increased. I realise how infuriating the whole situation is, and I so thank you for your patience and kind words, despite your feeling upset :pray:t2:

I’m happy that you did get a solution and I do believe it will work out just fine.

Please let me bring our sincere apologies one more time. And yes, we’ll make every endeavor to not let anything of this kind happen ever again :pray:t2:

Thanks… but WHY did it happen?

According to the update from our Development Team, after careful examination, they did not detect any software errors during that period of time. Our only assumption is that there could be several open tabs with the widget in Edit mode, and the wrong widget was saved.

Once again, we’re so very sorry about this situation, and I do believe that you managed to restore your widget :pray:t2:

We realize how disturbing such incidents might be, and we understand that our dashboard lacks the auto-save option. The good news is that auto-save is already integrated in our new Dashboard 3.0 which we expect to be released within a month for our apps at

I do hope that nothing of this kind will ever happen from now on.