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Button icons. No counter. Just links.

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Hello there and welcome aboard @user6171 :wave:

Could you please elaborate on what you mean? It would be awesome if you could share a screenshot of what you’d like to achieve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max, Thank you for your welcome greeting. :smile: :wave:

Project: I’m working on a project for my organization’s website where I need a series of button icon links. (Screenshot 1 attached)

Goal: When a user clicks on one of the icons or text, it should link to a specific section on our website.

Elfsight has an existing widget that comes very close to what we need. - The Elfsight Number Counter (Colored Icons) is almost perfect, but we don’t need the Number Counter aspect of it.

Request: Could you assist us in creating or modifying the widget to meet these requirements?

My organization currently uses the Elfsight Calendar widget, and we are very satisfied with it! Social Services Programs and Resources - St. Petersburg Housing Authority - RISE | St. Petersburg, Florida

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Hi there @user6171 :wave:

I guess our Social Media Icons app would be just the thing for you.

You just need to upload your custom icons and the needed links:


Give it a try and let me know if it suits your case :wink:

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