Button artifact appearing on widget hover

Hello, I have used several widgets on my Wix site(s) and for all of them, when hovering over the area on the page where the widget is located, these button artifacts appear in the upper left corner of the widget area, cut off, but visible. Is there a way to keep these from appearing? In the pages with a white background I can cover with a box, but for the attached sample, I can’t hide it. Any help appreciated.

Widgets used where this happens: Countdown Timer, Number Counter, FAQ, Team Showcase, Slider & Logo Showcase. Each widget has the same buttons in the same places.

[Link to the page with the widget in question:]

Hi @Rehab_Industries :wave:

This image you’ve reported is the information panel. You’re the only person who can see it, and you can only see it when you’re logged in to your Elfsight account. It’s displayed for you as the account owner.

When you log out of the account, you won’t see this panel again, and your website visitors never ever see it at all.

You can check the widget on your website in incognito mode to make sure that no one else can see it.

Here is the special article about it - Why I see a panel above my widget

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That makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply!

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No sweat :wink: