Bulk delete for demo images

Now we have bulk upload - let’s have bulk delete! :slight_smile:

Especially useful for creating new galleries that have the elfsight placeholders in, as at the moment, you have to select each one and delete them.

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@Neil1 I couldn’t agree more, thanks a lot for sharing!

I really hope it’s going to be our next step in enhancing our Photo Gallery app :slight_smile:

And never hesitate to leave your suggestions here or vote for other ideas - the Wishlist category is all yours! :slight_smile:

any updates on this? at least give the option to remove the default photos please! Definitely a pain in the butt to individually delete the 10+ pre-exisitng photos everytime we want to utilize the widget…

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Hey there @gtaro :wave:

I totally agree that it’s very inconvenient to remove default images one by one!

I’ve talked to our devs and they’ve confirmed that the default images are going to be removed from the configurator in our future updates.

As for the bulk delete option, if this request gains ground, we’ll try to consider such an opportunity as well.

Thanks a lot for pointing us in this direction and welcome to Community :heart:

Hey guys :wave:

We’ve improved handling of demo images. So, now you don’t need to delete all these images when creating a new widget, they just don’t get displayed in the widget. Find the details in this post: Photo Gallery: Enjoy improved demo images handling.

Your feedback is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: