Black and blue panel

Hello, i’m using Google reviews app and when it’s on my website there is this black or blue buttom above my app who suggesting to visit elfsight website or something. I paid the app so i don’t understant. Can yo please help ?

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Hello Morgan, nice to see you here in the community, take a look at the description of the widget. Only you can see it, it’s a mini dashboard. From there you can go directly to your account and you can see on the display how often your set widget has been viewed.
greetings Dirk

@Morgan Dirk is absolutely right, this panel is visible only for you as a widget owner, so you may not worry about it. You can check your website in Incognito mode to make sure that others don’t see this panel :slight_smile:

@Dirk, a huge thanks for your help, you rock! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for your reply!


You’re very much welcome, @Morgan!

Welcome to the community, by the way! We’re happy to have you with us :slight_smile:


Hey @Morgan :wave: I can only agree, it’s nice that your question could be solved :blush:, I’ve been using the widgets for over a year and can only tell you, you’ll discover more widgets here that make a website a highlight without programming. Have a nice day or a good night :call_me_hand: :sunglasses:


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