Backend - Sort/Order and Search Locations to Edit/Remove

A lot of things change, hours, addresses, phone numbers. We have hundreds of listings/locations in our widget because we list anywhere you can buy our products, so wholesalers, department stores, hotels, boutiques, aside from our branded brick-and-mortar stores. Amongst that, we frequently need to adjust dynamic things like hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses, websites, emails, contact details, etc.

Currently we have to scroll through the whole list to find that listing to edit even the simplest things. Also when creating a new listing, it ends up at the end of the list. I then I have to drag it all the way up to the top. We should be able to either sort manually, like priority 0 sends it to the top. And then alphabetically or distance from viewer, etc.

This use for us is because we have our flagship branded brick-and-mortar stores at the top, and then the hotels, wholesalers, department stores under. So when we open a new brick and mortar we are having to drag it up 300+ other listings to join it with the rest of the branded stores.